Integrated Billing of chains of values added in public health

The systems for financing and remuneration in public health are subject to growing changes. This includes in particular the introduction of the electronical health card. The generic concept of the framework for the introduction of the electronical health card offers the oppertunity to make the billing processes between suppliers and cost units more flexible. Among others, the key words are additional contributions, retention, family doctor model etc.
In the following, the changes to the framework in health care, that describe special challenge to billing from the view of the contract management, are specified exemplarily

Growing Number of Actors

In the whole medical and health care field the number of actors is growing staedily. Who are the future suppliers in medical sense and in the field of health care respectively; who are the cost units?

Networking of services and suppliers

Tele-medicine and eHealth provide important potentials to optimize the chain of values added and to actually enable them respectively. The bundle of health care related services going beyond different suppliers permits new innovative products, whose integrated billing makes a convergent billing system necessary.

Individualization of services

"The patient is always in the center of our interest". An often used remark, that cannot become reality until the services of the patients/clients are not billed individually.

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