Comprehensive Solutions

As development and project partner and due to its holistic approach, the AIS AG provides you with comprehensive solutions. Our target populations are international companies, especially in the lines of business IT, automotive, defense technology, pharmaceutical industry, power supply, mechanical engineering, healthcare, logistic and trade.

Heterogenous network hierarchies

The design and administration of network hierarchies in heterogenous environments comprise cross-realm authentication, platform independent access to any network resources, secure WAN connections up to the integration into decentralized application servers.

Decentralized application server

The conception, realization and validation of highly available decentralized application servers profit from our long-term experience with HTML, XML and Macromedia Flash, Swing, AWT for the presentation layer, as well as with HTTP, SOAP, XML-RPC, Java RMI, CORBA, SUN RPC for data transactions with server-side business logic. For the realization of business logic we make use of suitable architectures and technologies applying our knowledge from numerous international software projects with programming languages like Java, C++, JSP/Servlets, Perl and C. Data storage is done by means of an appropriate database. Here, our extensive know-how comprises relational databases like ORACLE, MySQL or MS SQL, and, additionally, object-oriented databases like Versant FastObjects.

Highly available systems

Our project activities include the offer of hardware from PC and workstation to highly available server and cluster solutions. We consult you in the selection of your server hardware, procure it and install and configure your software as desired. Here, you will profit from our experience with our own servers. You receive approved products whose functionality we will test automatically during installation. All servers are delivered in an impeccable, ready to use condition. As desired, we naturally offer our services also for the commencement of operations.

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  • Design and administration of network hierarchies in heterogenous environments

  • Integration of decentralized applikation and license server

  • Conception, realization and validation of highly available systems

  • Refactoring of complex customized software