Evaluation of Specifications and Business Processes

With its over 25 years of experience as system house and consultant company for information technology our customers can rely on AIS to provide a sound evaluation of their concepts and specifications. Our interdisciplinary team has the necessary background to evaluate existing or planned business processes.

UML-based Design of Real-time Systems

The implementation of real-time systems needed for time-critical tasks has specific requirements for the concept phase. Only the appropriate tools to capture, evaulate and document the complexity of the given task allow to design such a system appropriately. Our regularly used methods include modeling languages and risk analysis, for example

  • UML
  • SysML


Our work is focused on distributed real-time systems - we realize centralized and decentralized, embedded components. Just as well server systems including relational, object-oriented and proprietary incore databases. The preffered programming languages and environments are:

  • Ada
  • C, C++, Objective C, C# und
  • Java, Scala.

Ada and C dialects we use for critical system components in the form of language subsets like Ravenscar (Ada) and MISRA (C).