The Challenge

The most demanding challenge for charging components is the merging of very different partial services to an integrated offer as the charging components are the central link to all other systems within the CSP's business processes. This makes it inevitable to charge for all the different networks, services and applications in an integrated way.
Charging is the most important "back-office" application. With an efficient charging solution new services can be launched in fast and efficiently to generate new revenue!

The Solution

With its generic architecture and open interfaces (XML, Diameter, ASN.1) our charging components allow to charge for any service imaginable in a reliable and consistent way.

abrechnungssysteme en

  • Overcome the strict vertical orientation of your charging solution.

  • Charging components to easily and efficiently handle future services.

  • Real-time billing,

  • According to GAAP principles (double-entry bookkeeping), including acccount hierarchies.