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    Company AIS Automations- und Informationssysteme AG
    Registered Office Zentgrafenstraße 152
    34130 Kassel
    Tel:  +49 561 308 59 - 0
    Fax: +49 561 308 59 - 39
    Branch Office Behlertstraße 21
    14469 Potsdam
    Tel:  +49 331 2012684
    Fax: +49 331 2014794
    E-Mail info@ais-ag.de
    Register of Companies Kassel, HRB 16239
    VAT Reg. No. DE113061545
    Foundation 23. Mai 1990
    Share Holder The executive employees
    Executive Directors Niklas Beckenbach, Stefan Wiesner, Dietmar Rohde, Axel Scharninghausen, Kai Winnig
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CAx software development for process optimization

We develop software solutions to optimize the computer-based development of component parts. In particular, one has to mention here the fully automatic generation of plumbing and complex tube diagrams according to specifications based e.g. on measuring devices.

Computer-based development of component parts

Our design engineers assist you and your development tasks by means of the systems CATIA, Unigraphics, Solid Works, AutoCAD and Bravo3. We make changes of existent CAD data up to the development of new solutions on an hourly rate or on project basis.

Finite Elements Analysis

The FEA (Finite Elements Analysis) is an absolutely necessary means to achieve an optimal product within minimum development time. It allows to reduce the more and more important time to market in a considerable way.
We support geometrical data in all current CAD formats. Moreover do we support the standard interfaces IGES, Parasolid XMT and ACIS for the transfer of geometrical data.

Comprehensive Solutions

As development and project partner and due to its holistic approach, the AIS AG provides you with comprehensive solutions. Our target populations are international companies, especially in the lines of business IT, automotive, defense technology, pharmaceutical industry, power supply, mechanical engineering, healthcare, logistic and trade.

Heterogenous network hierarchies

The design and administration of network hierarchies in heterogenous environments comprise cross-realm authentication, platform independent access to any network resources, secure WAN connections up to the integration into decentralized application servers.

Decentralized application server

The conception, realization and validation of highly available decentralized application servers profit from our long-term experience with HTML, XML and Macromedia Flash, Swing, AWT for the presentation layer, as well as with HTTP, SOAP, XML-RPC, Java RMI, CORBA, SUN RPC for data transactions with server-side business logic. For the realization of business logic we make use of suitable architectures and technologies applying our knowledge from numerous international software projects with programming languages like Java, C++, JSP/Servlets, Perl and C. Data storage is done by means of an appropriate database. Here, our extensive know-how comprises relational databases like ORACLE, MySQL or MS SQL, and, additionally, object-oriented databases like Versant FastObjects.

Highly available systems

Our project activities include the offer of hardware from PC and workstation to highly available server and cluster solutions. We consult you in the selection of your server hardware, procure it and install and configure your software as desired. Here, you will profit from our experience with our own servers. You receive approved products whose functionality we will test automatically during installation. All servers are delivered in an impeccable, ready to use condition. As desired, we naturally offer our services also for the commencement of operations.

Why outsourced billing?

Shall I part with an essential part of my business process and the most frequently used interface to the client? Despite of these doubts, the outsourcing of billing is of significant benefit for you:

  • Use of high-performance components that are also used for the billing in the telco's sector,

  • No capital costs for hard- and software, no expenses in administration

  • Improved costing through low-price service agreements for the billing service

  • Automatic update and enhancement of billing components,

We can fulfil these requirements by offering you the billing as service of a clearing house.

The chance for small and medium-sized enterprises

  • Offer you clients attractive price structures for your services,
  • Combine part performance of third party suppliers with own services for an overall package of higher quality,

  • Bind your clients with fexible bonus programs that can be developed as desired,

  • Real-time evaluation through you and your clients by means of a web-based customer self care,

  • Billing of client balances up to the real-time disconnection of services when reaching a predefined threshold.

With the use of our clearing house the billing of all above subjects will no longer be a problem for you.



Zentgrafenstraße 152
34130 Kassel
Tel  +49 561 308 59 0
Fax +49 561 308 59 39

Behlertstraße 21
14469 Potsdam
Tel  +49 331 2012684
Fax +49 331 2014794

Management board: Niklas Beckenbach (COB), Dietmar Rohde, Axel Scharninghausen, Stefan Wiesner, Kai Winnig

Supervisory board: Dr. Jan Stehr